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Bindings for the Yrs native C foreign function interface

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Yrs C foreign function interface

This project is a wrapper around Yrs and targets native interop with possible host languages.

It's a library used on collaborative document editing using Conflict-free Replicated Data Types. This enables to provide a shared document editing experience on a client devices without explicit requirement for hosting a single server - CRDTs can resolve potential update conflicts on their own with no central authority - as well as provide first-class offline editing capabilities, where document replicas are modified without having connection to each other, and then synchronize automatically once such connection is enabled.


It's also possible to read it straight from a generated C header file.


#include <stdio.h>
#include "libyrs.h"

int main(void) {
    YDoc* doc = ydoc_new();
    YText* txt = ytext(doc, "name");
    YTransaction* txn = ydoc_write_transaction(doc);
    // append text to our collaborative document with no attributes
    ytext_insert(txt, txn, 0, "hello world", NULL);
    // simulate update with remote peer
    YDoc* remote_doc = ydoc_new();
    YText* remote_txt = ytext(remote_doc, "name");
    YTransaction* remote_txn = ydoc_write_transaction(remote_doc);
    // in order to exchange data with other documents
    // we first need to create a state vector
    int sv_length = 0;
    unsigned char* remote_sv = ytransaction_state_vector_v1(remote_txn, &sv_length);
    // now compute a differential update based on remote document's state vector
    int update_length = 0;
    unsigned char* update = ytransaction_state_diff_v1(txn, remote_sv, sv_length, &update_length);
    // release resources no longer in use in the rest of the example
    ybinary_destroy(remote_sv, sv_length);
    // both update and state vector are serializable, we can pass them over the wire
    // now apply update to a remote document
    int err_code = ytransaction_apply(remote_txn, update, update_length);
    if (0 != err_code) {
        // error occurred when trying to apply an update
    ybinary_destroy(update, update_length);
    // retrieve string from remote peer YText instance
    char* str = ytext_string(remote_txt, remote_txn);
    printf("%s", str);
    // release remaining resources
    return 0;


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