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0.1.1 Mar 27, 2022

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Yet Another Rust YAML, or yary, is a library for efficiently parsing YAML document streams. It primary design goals are:

  1. Full implementation of the YAML 1.2 schema
  2. Ergonomic, easy to use, well documented API
  3. Safe handling of untrusted inputs
  4. Zero copy deserialization (where allowed)
  5. Lazy evaluation of stream content

Library status


This library is still in the early stages of development. It does have a fully functional YAML 1.2 parser, but no high level bindings, in-memory graph representation, or safety features.

It does expose a single low level API for iterating over YAML stream events, in lib/event, although it is not expected that most users would directly rely on this module's API, instead using higher level constructs.



We make no strong guarantees about when this number will jump, and it will be moved as we consume features of newer Rust versions.


This library exposes methods for interacting with YAML byte streams.

It is currently still in development, and will likely have multiple breaking changes to the exposed API before stabilizing. Use at your own risk.

The exposed APIs are grouped by module, and no high level API yet exists for this library, though this will change in the future.