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Yet another build system. A C and C++ build system, with projects described using TOML.

Note: Yabs is still very much a work in progress and is subject to change. Until yabs reaches version 1.0.0, it should be assumed that yabs will continue to change.

Get Yabs

To install yabs simply run cargo install yabs. If you are installing from crates.io please see the version of documentation available on docs.rs that corresponds to your output of yabs --version. Otherwise, clone this repo and build the release target and add yabs to your $PATH


To build yabs you will need rustc and cargo. Simply run cargo build --release, this will build a binary called yabs in target/release.


Output of yabs -h

yabs 0.2.0
Alberto Corona <ac@albertocorona.com>
Yet another build system


    -h, --help       Prints help information
        --sources    Print source files found by yabs or listed in 'src'
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    build    Build a binary or library, builds all binaries and libraries if no options are given
    clean    Removes all object files, binaries and libraries built by yabs
    help     Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    new      Create a new yabs project

Defining a Project

yabs uses TOML to define projects. For example, a project in C++ using libraries such as SDL2, SDL2-image, SDL2-ttf, and Lua 5.3 would look similar to the following:

name = "kuma"
file-extensions = ["cpp"]
compiler = "g++"
compiler-flags = ["std=c++14", "O0", "Wall", "Wextra", "g", "D_DEBUG_"]
include = ["src","`pkg-config --cflags sdl2 lua5.3`", "/usr/include/yaml-cpp", "third_party/sol2/single/sol"]
libraries = [
	"`pkg-config --libs sdl2 SDL2_image SDL2_ttf SDL2_mixer lua5.3 yaml-cpp`",
ignore = [

name = "kuma"
path = "./src/main.cpp"

name = "libkuma"
types = ["static"]

Building a Project

Currently yabs builds all targets listed in [[bin]] and [[lib]] sections

Keys and Values

The following tables describes what keys are available to yabs project files.


Key Value Type
name Name for project String
file-extensions Extensions used for source files Array
version Version number String
compiler Compiler to use String
src Source files Array
libraries Libraries to link Array
librariy-directories Library directories to use Array
include Include directories Array
compiler-flags Compiler flags Array
linker-flags Linker flags Array
ignore Directories or files to ignore Array
before-script Scripts to run before a build Array
after-script Scripts to run after a build Array
ar Archiving tool to use String
arflags Flags for archiving tool Array


Key Value Type
name Name and path for the binary String
path Path for the binary entry point (main) String


Key Value Type
name Name of library String
types Library types to create Array


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