Conversion between the Esperanto x-system and Unicode circumflexes

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0.1.0 Jan 2, 2023

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A small Rust library to convert between the Esperanto x-system and Unicode circumflexes.

Provides a couple of utilites to convert between the Esperanto x-system (like “ehxosxangxocxiujxauxde”) and Unicode characters with circumflexes (like “eĥoŝanĝoĉiuĵaŭde”). When converting from the x-system, the X can be either a capital X or a lower-case x regardless of the case of the previous character. When converting to the X system the X will match the case of the Esperanto letter.

To use the Crate, run the following command in your project’s repository:

cargo add xsystem

The simplest way to use the Crate is with the functions x_to_unicode and unicode_to_x. These convert a string slice with one coding system to a String with the other. For example:

use xsystem::{unicode_to_x, x_to_unicode};

let unichars = x_to_unicode("acxajxo SxANGXEMA");
assert_eq!(unichars, "aĉaĵo ŜANĜEMA".to_string());

let xchars = unicode_to_x("terpomkaĉo estas AĈA");
assert_eq!(xchars, "terpomkacxo estas ACXA".to_string());

You can also use the functions x_chars and unicode_chars which adapt a char iterator to perform the conversion on the fly. For example:

use xsystem::{x_chars, unicode_chars};

let shouty_x = x_chars("li estas ĉarma".chars())
    .map(|c| c.to_uppercase())
assert_eq!(&shouty_x, "LI ESTAS CXARMA");

let first_converted_char = unicode_chars("mi portas cxapelon".chars())
    .position(|c| !c.is_ascii());
assert_eq!(first_converted_char, Some(10));

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