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Well-Known XML Namespaces

This crate contains &'static str constants for many well-known XML namespaces (i.e. used not only within a single company and/or in public documents/APIs). You can use this crate when implementing a namespace-aware XML processor and want to provide some namespaces with first-class support.

You may also find this useful as a structured tree/list of XML namespaces that are used in the wild. The namespaces are sorted by the organization that registered, submitted or defined them, not necessarily by the actual URI used as the name. If an organization defined a lot of namespaces, they are grouped into separate modules.

Note that when using this crate, only the strings that are actually used will be included in a generated binary. This is the default behavior of the rust compiler and not something to be configured in this crate.

If you find any namespace missing, feel free to file an issue.

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