Cargo Features

wstring_tools = { version = "0.1.5", default-features = false, features = ["use_std", "use_alloc", "full", "indentation", "parse", "parse_number", "split"] }
default = indentation, parse, parse_number, split, use_std

These default features are set whenever wstring_tools is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

use_std default full?

Enables use_std of strs_tools ~0.1

Affects wca_lib::ca, error_tools_lib::error, lib_common::former, graphs_tools_lib::abs, graphs_tools_lib::canonical, graphs_tools_lib::algo, woptions_lib::Options, proc_macro_tools_lib::container_kind, proc_macro_tools_lib::helper, proc_macro_tools_lib::name, proc_macro_tools_lib::split_with_name, proc_macro_tools_lib::syntax, commands::commands_form, commands::print_help, wpublisher::bool, wpublisher::files, wpublisher::manifest, wpublisher::http, wpublisher::process, wpublisher::digest


Enables use_alloc of strs_tools ~0.1

full = indentation, parse, parse_number, split, use_std
indentation default full?

Enables indentation of strs_tools ~0.1

Affects string::indentation

parse default full? = parse_number, split

Affects string::parse

parse_number default full? parse

Enables parse_number of strs_tools ~0.1

split default full? parse

Enables split of strs_tools ~0.1

Affects string::split