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A trait to write things into io::Write

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Defines a trait built on top of io::Write to write things into it.

use std::io;

trait WriteInto {
    type Output;
    fn write_into(self, sink: &mut impl io::Write) -> io::Result<Self::Output>;

The crate also provides wrappers, such as BigEndian and LittleEndian, to write values in particular formats.


use write_into::{BigEndian, write_into};

let mut buffer = Vec::new();
write_into(&mut buffer, BigEndian(0xCAFEBABEu32)).unwrap();
assert_eq!(&buffer, &[0xCA, 0xFE, 0xBA, 0xBE]);


Wrapper Used to write values...
BigEndian ... in big endian byte order.
LittleEndian ... in little endian byte order.
Plain ... as they are represented in memory.
Sequence ... from IntoIterator.
Sized ... prepended with size of their representation.
SizedSequence ... from IntoIterator with known size.
Sleb128 ... in LEB-128 format (signed).
Uleb128 ... in LEB-128 format (unsigned).

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