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Woz is a WebAssembly progressive web app (PWA) toolchain for deploying performant mobile apps distributed for free with a hyperlink

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1.2.8 Apr 23, 2019
1.2.5 Apr 22, 2019
0.2.0 Mar 31, 2019

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What is Woz?

Woz is a WebAssembly progressive web app (PWA) toolchain for building and deploying performant mobile apps with Rust. Distributed your app is as simple as sharing a hyperlink.


See https://woz.sh for the latest docs.

Quick Start

You can create a free account, generate the sample app, and deploy by running the following in your terminal:

cargo install woz
woz setup
woz new myapp && cd ./myapp
woz deploy

Early Access—Free

You can join for free and deploy an unlimited number of WebAssembly progressive web apps to your workspace. We currently support Rust generated WebAssembly binaries via the wasm32-unknown-unkown target that are wasm-bindgen compatible.

Coming soon—manage charging for your apps and even provide multiple copies your users can share all with a hyperlink.


Eclipse Public License 1.0 (EPL-1.0)


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