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A Rust library to evaluate all possible moves given a wordfeud board and rack

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0.3.1 Dec 23, 2020
0.2.2 Dec 6, 2020
0.1.1 Nov 25, 2020
0.1.0 Nov 25, 2020
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Wordfeud Solver

A Rust library to evaluate all possible moves given a wordfeud board and rack. The wordfeud solver needs a wordlist to be able to play in a given language. There are no wordlists included with this library. You can get a dutch wordlist here.

This solver is ported from the excellent wordfeudplayer Python package . By porting it to Rust it became much faster.


A wordfeud library for Rust.
This crate allows you to calculate the best scores in a game of wordfeud. It can be used to study strategies in the game, or just to cheat. This library is a Rust port of the excellent wordfeudplayer python library. It can use the rayon crate to calculate moves in parallel. The time required to evaluate a board is in the order of 1 millisecond.

How to use wordfeud_solver

Start by creating a wordfeud board, then specify the wordlist to be used, and the tiles on the board. By default a standard board is used, but you can specify your own "random" board. The wordlist must be in utf-8 and contain one word per line. Several wordfeud wordlists are available on the internet. A wordlist for the dutch language is available here. It is based on the OpenTaal wordlist, with modifications by the author.

Basic usage

# use wordfeud_solver::{Board, Error};
let mut board = Board::default().with_wordlist_from_words(&["rust", "rest"])?;
let results = board.calc_all_word_scores("rusta")?;
for s in results {
      println!("{} {} {} {} {}", s.x, s.y, s.horizontal, board.decode(s.word), s.score);
board.play_word("rust", 7, 7, true, true)?;
println!("{}", board);
# Ok::<(), Error>(())


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