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Count the words in a string

1 unstable release

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.0 Mar 30, 2015

MIT license

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% Word count


This is a program/library to count the words in a string. Use it to analyze texts of your favorite author.



$ echo 'I like cookies. Mmm... Cookies.' | word_count
'cookies':  2
'mmm':      1
'like':     1
'i':        1


extern crate lib_word_count;

fn main() {

    let mut word_index = Vec::new();
    let input = "I like cookies. Mmm... Cookies.";

    lib_word_count::count_words(input, &mut word_index);

    assert_eq!(word_index.len(), 4);

    assert_eq!(word_index[0].word, "cookies".to_string);
    assert_eq!(word_index[1].word, "i".to_string);
    assert_eq!(word_index[2].word, "like".to_string);
    assert_eq!(word_index[3].word, "mmm".to_string);

    assert_eq!(word_index[0].appeared, 2);
    assert_eq!(word_index[1].appeared, 1);
    assert_eq!(word_index[2].appeared, 1);
    assert_eq!(word_index[3].appeared, 1);


This is a library to count the words in a text.

Words will be sorted by the amount of times they appear in a piece of text.

No runtime deps