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Rust bindings for whisper.cpp

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Rust bindings to whisper.cpp


fn main() {
    // load a context and model
    let mut ctx = WhisperContext::new("path/to/model").expect("failed to load model");
    // create a params object
    let mut params = FullParams::new(DecodeStrategy::Greedy { n_past: 0 });

    // assume we have a buffer of audio data
    // here we'll make a fake one, floating point samples, 32 bit, 16KHz, mono
    let audio_data = vec![0_f32; 16000 * 2];

    // now we can run the model
    ctx.full(params, &audio_data[..])
        .expect("failed to run model");

    // fetch the results
    let num_segments = ctx.full_n_segments();
    for i in 0..num_segments {
        let segment = ctx.full_get_segment_text(i).expect("failed to get segment");
        let start_timestamp = ctx.full_get_segment_t0(i);
        let end_timestamp = ctx.full_get_segment_t1(i);
        println!("[{} - {}]: {}", start_timestamp, end_timestamp, segment);

See examples/basic_use.rs for more details.

Lower level bindings are exposed if needed, but the above should be enough for most use cases. See the docs: https://docs.rs/whisper-rs/ for more details.


  • I get an error about a lot of undefined symbols at compile time!
    • These symbols might be part of the C++ standard library.
      • Try linking against it with the -Clink-args=-lstdc++ compiler flag:
      • RUSTFLAGS="-Clink-args=-lstdc++" cargo build
  • Windows/macOS/Android aren't working!
    • I don't have a way to test these platforms, so I can't really help you.
      • If you can get it working, please open a PR!
  • I get a panic during binding generation build!
    • You can attempt to fix it yourself, or you can set the WHISPER_DONT_GENERATE_BINDINGS environment variable. This skips attempting to build the bindings whatsoever and copies the existing ones. They may be out of date, but it's better than nothing.
    • If you can fix the issue, please open a PR!
  • M1 build info:



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