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WebDriver client library in Rust

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Getting started

GeckoDriver and ChromeDriver are fully supported as WebDriver backends by the webdriver_client::firefox::GeckoDriver and webdriver_client::chrome::ChromeDriver structs. This crate expects the driver to be on your path.

However HttpDriver will accept any WebDriver server's HTTP URL, so Microsoft WebDriver for Edge, safaridriver for Apple Safari, and OperaDriver for Opera should all work if you start the server yourself.

On Linux

The scripts bin/download_geckodriver and bin/download_chromedriver download the Linux x64 binary releases for geckodriver and chromedriver.

This snippet will download the drivers and place it on your current shell's path:

export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/bin


cargo test runs a few tests. Integration tests require geckodriver and chromedriver to be installed.



  • Added ChromeDriver.
  • www bin has new commands: frames, switchframe.
  • Breaking change: Driver::session and DriverSession::create_session take a NewSessionCmd argument that specifies the session capabilities.
  • New method on DriverSession: browser_name
  • New methods on Element: property, clear, find_element, find_elements raw_reference.
  • Integration tests: many more of them, more assertions and a built-in HTTP server.

This fork is based on equalsraf's excellent work from https://github.com/equalsraf/webdriver.


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