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Simple command line application to fetch weather data from openweathermap.org's API


  1. Install the app with whichever method you prefer.
  2. Set an environment variable for your API key. By default it will search for the name WEATHER_API_KEY. Alternatively, you can use a specific API key by using config --api-key to store a specific key or --use-key to use a key for one session
  3. Run the program & enter the name of the location you want to get the info for.


Through Cargo

Make sure you have rustup installed & the latest stable Rust version. Then, run the command

cargo install weather-rs

to install.

Windows Installer

Download the installer from the latest GitHub release and run it. All necessary changes to your PATH will be made by the installer.


Download the executable from the latest GitHub release and place it somewhere on your PATH

Building from Source

Ensure you have the latest stable Rust version installed through rustup then git clone the repo & cd into it. Then, run cargo build for a debug build, or cargo build --release for a release build.


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