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Guest SDK for building Waxosuit WebAssembly modules

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Waxosuit Guest SDK

The Waxosuit Guest SDK is used by Rust developers building cloud-native workloads for the wasm32-unknown-unknown target. Using Waxosuit to host your WebAssembly module allows you to stop worrying about all of the non-functional requirements and boilerplate that typically bogs down all of our development time and focus squarely on compiling the business logic in a portable, secure Wasm module.

For more documentation, tutorials, and examples, please check out the waxosuit website.


extern crate waxosuit_guest as guest;

use guest::prelude::*;


pub fn handle_call(ctx: &CapabilitiesContext, operation: &str, msg: &[u8]) -> CallResult {
    match operation {
        http::OP_HANDLE_REQUEST => hello_world(ctx, msg),
        core::OP_HEALTH_REQUEST => Ok(vec![]),
        _ => Err("bad dispatch".into()),

fn hello_world(
   _ctx: &CapabilitiesContext,
   _msg: &[u8]) -> CallResult {


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