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Cranelift compiler for Wasmer WebAssembly runtime

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1.0.1 Feb 5, 2021

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This crate contains a compiler implementation based on Cranelift.


use wasmer::{Store, JIT};
use wasmer_compiler_cranelift::Cranelift;

let compiler = Cranelift::new();
// Put it into an engine and add it to the store
let store = Store::new(&JIT::new(compiler).engine());

Note: you can find a full working example using Cranelift compiler here.

When to use Cranelift

We recommend using this compiler crate only for development proposes. For production we recommend using wasmer-compiler-llvm as it offers a much better runtime speed (50% faster on average).


This project borrowed some of the function lowering from cranelift-wasm.

Please check Wasmer ATTRIBUTIONS to further see licenses and other attributions of the project.


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