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Structured logging capability provider for the wasmCloud host runtime

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0.9.4 May 18, 2021
0.9.3 Mar 18, 2021
0.9.1 Feb 11, 2021
0.9.0 Feb 10, 2021

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wasmCloud Logging Provider

This library is a native capability provider for the wasmcloud:logging capability. Only actors signed with tokens containing this capability privilege will be allowed to use it. It allows actors to use normal log macros (like info!, warn!, error!, etc, to write logs from within the actor.

It should be compiled as a native binary (linux: .so, mac: .dylib, windows: dll, etc) and made available to the wasmCloud host runtime as a plugin. This is commonly done by creating a provider-archive

If you want to statically link (embed) this capability provider into a custom host, then enable the static_plugin feature in your dependencies as follows:

wasmcloud-logging = { version="??", features = ["static_plugin"] }


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