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wasmCloud Examples

Example actors, capability providers, and other demonstrations


The following actors run as WebAssembly on wasmCloud hosts.

Example Description OCI Reference
(refer to example for latest version)
animal-image-downloader An actor that receives messages and makes HTTP requests, downloading a picture of an animal to a blobstore wasmcloud.azurecr.io/animal-image-downloader
echo An actor that listens on an HTTP port and returns a JSON payload describing the incoming request wasmcloud.azurecr.io/echo
echo-messaging An actor that listens on a message broker topic and replies wasmcloud.azurecr.io/echo-messaging
hello Canonical "hello world" actor that listens on an HTTP port and replies with a greeting wasmcloud.azurecr.io/hello
kvcounter An actor that uses the key-value store to increment a counter and return a value for every HTTP request it receives wasmcloud.azurecr.io/kvcounter
logging An actor that demonstrates the builtin logging capability provider wasmcloud.azurecr.io/logging
message-pub An actor that demonstrates receiving HTTP requests and publishing the request body as a message wasmcloud.azurecr.io/message-pub
random An actor that demonstrates the builtin random number generation capability provider wasmcloud.azurecr.io/random
todo-sql An todo-application using sql database, https server (with TLS), logging, and numbergen (unpublished)
todo An todo-application using keyvalue store, http server, and logging (unpublished)
xkcd A application that generates xkcd comics wasmcloud.azurecr.io/xkcd
ifconfig A tinygo actor that will return the external IP address of your http client (unpublished)


The following example interfaces are defined by Smithy models.

Example Description Capability contract Rust crate
payments A simple interface for a payments capability provider (used in the Creating an Interface tutorial) wasmcloud:example:payments wasmcloud-examples-payments
runner A simple interface with a single 'Run' method wasmcloud:example:runner wasmcloud-examples-runner

Capability providers

Providers of capabilities for wasmCloud actors

Example Description Capability contract OCI Reference
factorial A capability provider that computes factorial of a number wasmcloud:example:payments wasmcloud.azurecr.io/factorial
fakepay A simple payment provider, used in the Creating a capability provider tutorial wasmcloud:example:fakepay wasmcloud.azurecr.io/fakepay


Example Description
petclinic A WebAssembly and wasmCloud-based reimagining of the classic Spring Boot microservices Pet Clinic. The wasmCloud Pet Clinic consists of multiple actors, and uses a relational database capability provider and an http server capability provider.




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