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Rewrite Wasm binaries to add coredump support

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wasm-coredump-rewriter is used to add Coredump generation to a compiled Wasm module.


cargo install wasm-coredump-rewriter


Step 1: rewrite the Wasm module

Rewrite the source Wasm module to inject the Coredump runtime code. The runtime will catch traps (excluding traps in host functions or memory violations) and generate a coredump.

Use the following command:

wasm-coredump-rewriter < source.wasm > output.wasm

The Coredump runtime has a performance cost.

Step 2: Wasm execution trapped

Your program entered a trap and a Coredump was generated.

To extract the Coredump write the Wasm instance memory to a file, for instance in JavaScript:

const instance = await WebAssembly.instantiate(...);

try {
} catch(err) {
    const image = new Uint8Array(instance.exports.memory.buffer);
    writeFile("coredump." + Date.now(), image);

Step 3: analyzing / debugging the coredump

See wasmgdb for analyzing / debugging the coredump.


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