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Experimental HTTP library for WebAssembly in Wasmtime

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Experimental HTTP library for WebAssembly in Wasmtime

Adding support to a Wasmtime runtime

The easiest way to add support is by using the Wasmtime linker:

let store = Store::default();
let mut linker = Linker::new(&store);
let wasi = Wasi::new(&store, ctx);

// link the WASI core functions
wasi.add_to_linker(&mut linker)?;

// link the experimental HTTP support
let allowed_hosts = Some(vec!["https://postman-echo.com".to_string()]);
let max_concurrent_requests = Some(42);

let http = HttpCtx::new(allowed_domains, max_concurrent_requests)?;
http.add_to_linker(&mut linker)?;

The Wasmtime implementation also enables allowed domains - an optional and configurable list of domains or hosts that guest modules are allowed to send requests to. If None or an empty vector is passed, guest modules are NOT allowed to make HTTP requests to any server. (Note that the hosts passed MUST have the protocol also specified - i.e. https://my-domain.com, or, and if making requests to a subdomain, the subdomain MUST be in the allowed list. See the the library tests for more examples).


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