Cargo Features

wasi-common = { version = "20.0.0", default-features = false, features = ["trace_log", "wiggle_metadata", "wasmtime", "sync", "tokio", "exit"] }
default = sync, trace_log, wasmtime

These default features are set whenever wasi-common is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

trace_log default

This feature enables the tracing logs in the calls to target the log ecosystem of backends (e.g. env_logger. Disable this if you want to use tracing-subscriber.

Enables log of tracing, tracing_log of wiggle


Need to make the wiggle_metadata feature available to consumers of this crate if they want the snapshots to have metadata available.

Enables wiggle_metadata of wiggle

wasmtime default exit? sync tokio?

This feature enables integration with wasmtime.

Enables wasmtime of wiggle and wasmtime

Optional, enabled by wasmtime feature:

sync default tokio? = wasmtime

This feature enables an implementation of the Wasi traits for a synchronous wasmtime embedding.

Enables cap-fs-ext, cap-time-ext, fs-set-times, io-lifetimes, and system-interface


Optional, enabled by sync feature:

Affects wasi-common::sync

tokio = sync

Enables async of wasmtime, wasmtime_async of wiggle and tokio

Optional, enabled by tokio feature:

Affects wasi-common::tokio

exit = wasmtime

Enables libc

Optional, enabled by exit feature:

Affects wasi-common::maybe_exit_on_error