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Warg Loader

A minimal Warg Package Registry interface for read-only consumers.


warg-loader is intended to be used primarily as a library, but it also provides a simple CLI interface:

$ warg-loader wasi:preview1-command-adapter
Package: wasi:preview1-command-adapter
$ warg-loader wasi:preview-command-adapter fetch 0.2.0
Fetching release details for wasi:preview1-command-adapter@0.2.0...
Downloading content to "wasi-preview1-command-adapter-0.2.0.wasm"...

Running Tests

The e2e tests require:

  • The oras CLI tool to be available in your local PATH

  • An OCI Distribution Spec-compliant registry to be running at localhost:5000. An ephemeral registry can be run with:

    $ docker run --rm -p 5000:5000 distribution/distribution:edge

The e2e tests themselves are in the separate tests/e2e crate:

$ cd tests/e2e
$ cargo run

Publishing to OCI

Until publisher tooling is developed, the oras CLI tool can be used to publish packages:

Note: The details of this process (like MIME type) are still being worked on.

$ oras push \

# e.g. to push `component.wasm` as "my-namespace:my-pkg@1.0.0" to `localhost:5000`:
$ oras push \
    localhost:5000/my-namespace/my-pkg:1.0.0 \

Note: Some registry implementations may require --image-spec v1.0 for compatibility with this example.


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