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redditLang or PHL ( Programming Humor Language ) is a meme language devised by the r/ProgrammerHumor subreddit discord members

Why Redditlang?

  • 🔥 blazingly fast
  • 🎮 cross platform
  • very opinionated, only forcing the best of practices. For example, if you use inline macros, the police will be called with the message that a fire has broken out at your home, they will promptly come to put out your garbage code.
  • sometimes typed
  • If you still aren't devoting your entire career to this, it's like C ( minus the pointers ), Rust ( minus the copyright ) and JavaScript ( only the "good" features ) all in one neat package.

So what are you waiting for? Please invest your life savings in this! Check out the Official VSCode extension here

Compiler is WIP, if you are looking for it, it will be here. RedditLang will be compiled, a JIT implementation might exist in the future.

note: We have realized that we have a younger audience, so we have translated the spec into Gen Z Slang "to make it bussin". It is available here, We will not convert this into an mdBook and this might might be outdated.



  • LLVM 15.x
  • GCC or Clang


  • Rust
  • LLVM 15.x
  • GCC or Clang


You might get an incorrect LLVM version when you install it with your systems package manager. Please head to LLVM's official website to find downloads for your OS.


redditLang is FOSS. You can find the source code on Github. redditLang relies on the community to add bug fixes and features: if you'd like to contribute, please open a PR and message in the #"RedditLang ( PHL )" thread on the r/ProgrammerHumor discord server.


The redditLang source, documentation, and STL are all released under the MIT license.


~505K SLoC