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A rust utility to wait that a program exits with 0.

You need to wait for something to start up and don't know when it finishes? You want to chain some other commands after it? You want to run a bunch of commands and drink a coffee? Than this is a tool for you.

I initially wrote it to start docker and run some processes after it, but you can do way more with it, like waiting for a specific URL to become available after booting up a server in the background or anything else.

  • waitz docker ps && npm run <script> && npm run <other-script>
  • waitz 'curl --fail <non-existing-url>' && ./script.sh


    waitz [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>...

        --debug       Outputs debug information
    -h, --help        Prints help information
    -n, --no-retry    Don't try to rerun the command in case it fails with non-zero exit code
    -V, --version     Prints version information
        --verbose     Forwards stdout/stderr from the command to the terminal

    -i, --interval <interval>          in which interval the command should be retried in milliseconds [default: 1000]
    -r, --max-retries <max-retries>    Positive integer how often the command should be retried [default: 0]

    <COMMAND>...    Which command should be waited for



cargo install waitz


Clone the repository and run cargo build --release and you should find the binary in ./target/release/waitz.

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Or grab a binary from the release page


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  • Provide a pull request

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