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Synchronization between IMAP and local maildir

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vsync IMAP to maildir synchronization

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Vsync is a small CLI wrapper around vomit-sync. It aims to provide access to all functions that vomit-sync offers. At the moment, this is only synchronizing from IMAP to a local maildir (not the other way). Vsync has to be run periodically to keep the two synchronized.


NOTE: vsync is now using vomit-config, which means the default configuration file location changed to $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/vomit/config.toml (usually ~/.config/vomit/config.toml).

Example configuration file:

local = "~/.maildir"
remote = "imap.example.com:993"
user = "myusername"
pass-cmd = "pass show mail/myaccount"
# or use this:
#password = "s3cr34"

The Vomit project

Both vomit-sync and vsync are part of the Vomit project.


Please send patches to the vomit mailing list.


The mailing list is open for all kinds of feedback, questions, and discussions.


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