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Safe rust bindings for VISA(Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) library

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Safe Rust bindings for VISA(Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) library

Most documentation comes from NI-VISA Product Documentation


This crate needs to link to an installed visa library, for example, NI-VISA.

You can specify path of visa64.lib file (or visa32.lib on 32-bit systems) by setting environment variable LIB_VISA_PATH.

On Windows and macOS, the default installation path will be added if no path is specified.


Codes below will find the first Keysight instrument in your environment and print out its *IDN? response.

fn find_an_instr() -> visa_rs::Result<()>{
  use std::ffi::CString;
  use std::io::{BufRead, BufReader, Read, Write};
  use visa_rs::prelude::*;

  // open default resource manager
  let rm: DefaultRM = DefaultRM::new()?;

  // expression to match resource name
  let expr = CString::new("?*KEYSIGH?*INSTR").unwrap().into();

  // find the first resource matched
  let rsc = rm.find_res(&expr)?;

  // open a session to the resource, the session will be closed when rm is dropped
  let instr: Instrument = rm.open(&rsc, AccessMode::NO_LOCK, TIMEOUT_IMMEDIATE)?;

  // write message

  // read response
  let mut buf_reader = BufReader::new(&instr);
  let mut buf = String::new();
  buf_reader.read_line(&mut buf).map_err(io_to_vs_err)?;

  eprintln!("{}", buf);

License: MIT OR Apache-2.0


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