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Rust client enabling communication with Vert.x Event Bus over TCP

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Vert.x TCP EventBus client for Rust

Vert.x allows to expose its event-bus through a TCP socket. This crate offers primitives in the Rust programming language to interact with the event bus over this TCP connection.

This allows to send messages from a Rust codebase (embedded sensors for instance) to a running Vert.x instance, or reacting to event bus messages published from the Vert.x application in a Rust codebase.

Early stage

This project is still in early development phase, although it's available as a crate if you need it. The design (at the moment: iterators over incoming messages) is highly suggest to change.

Any proposition or technical comment is highly welcomed in the issues.


In order to test the client against a "real" TCP Event-Bus bridge (and avoid observator-bias: testing my own understanding of the protocol), this docker image is used, through testcontainers. The code for this image can be found here, it's a simple Vert.x application listening/publishing to the Event-Bus and exposing it through TCP on port 7542.


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