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A human virtual resources creator from templates

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A human virtual resources creator from templates

Currently only libvirt is supported as driver. It provided ability create resource with QEMU, LXC and much more (see: http://libvirt.org).

Make sure to have libvirt-dev or libvirt-devel package (or the development files otherwise somewhere in your include path).

For using LXC, please consider to build libvirt with LXC or install the related packages.


# cat > ~/simple.yaml <<EOF
  - name: myguest
    memory: 2048 # KiB
    vcpus: 1

  - name: yourguest
    memory: 2048 # KiB
    vcpus: 2

# verne create ~/simple.yaml
# verne clean ~/simple.yaml

In this example Verne is using the default driver libvirt and default template parser Yaml.

The default connection used by libvirt is generally qemu:///system, it will be possible to use an other connection by using the argument uri.

# verne create ~/simple.yaml --uri test:///default
# verne clean ~/simple.yaml  --uri test:///default

An other solution to set the default uri is to use the environement variable LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI.

Because Verne is using libvirt it will be possible to create LXC containers.

# export LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI=lxc:///

# verne create ~/simple.yaml
# verne clean ~/simple.yaml


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