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app verco

A simple Git/Hg version control client based on keyboard shortcuts

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✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

3.2.0 Nov 27, 2019
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2.3.1 Sep 24, 2019
2.0.0 Aug 31, 2019
1.4.0 May 31, 2019

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A simple Git/Hg version control client based on keyboard shortcuts


This project uses Cargo and pure Rust stable so Windows, Mac and Linux should work.

It depends on:


First of all, install rust into your system using rustup.

Once it's installed, you can proceed to install verco using Cargo (Rust's package manager). Open a terminal and run these commands to clone and install verco:

cargo install verco

Once you close and open again your terminal, you'll be able to use verco in whichever directory you need. You can even delete that verco folder if you please.


Open a terminal from your repository folder and type in verco. It will launch verco and you can begin to use it.

Use your keyboard to perform git/hg actions (also, press h for help).


h               help

e               explorer

s               status
l               log

d               revision changes
shift+d         revision diff

c               commit all
shift+c         commit selected
x               revert all
shift+x         revert selected
u               update/checkout
m               merge

r               unresolved conflicts
shift+r         resolve taking other
ctrl+r          resolve taking local

f               fetch
p               pull
shift+p         push

shift+t         create tag

b               list branches
shift+b         create branch
ctrl+b          close branch


verco video example

help screen in verco

commit screen in verco

log screen in verco