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A simple Git/Hg version control client based on keyboard shortcuts

28 stable releases (4 major)

✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

new 5.1.0 May 23, 2020
4.12.0 Apr 29, 2020
4.2.0 Mar 24, 2020
3.3.1 Feb 17, 2020
1.4.2 Jun 6, 2019

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A simple Git/Hg tui client focused on keyboard shortcuts


log screen

verco workflow


This project uses Cargo and pure Rust stable so it should work on Windows, Mac and Linux.

It depends on:


You can either install it via cargo or download the binaries from github releases.

If you go the cargo route, you can install it using rustup. In a terminal, run this command to install verco:

cargo install verco

You'll be able to open verco from whichever directory you in.


In a terminal in a repository folder, run the verco command. It will launch verco's tui and you'll be able to interface with git/hg.


Key Sequence Action
h help
q quit
s status
ll log
lc log count
dd current diff all
ds current diff selected
DC revision changes
DD revision diff all
DS revision diff selected
cc commit all
cs commit selected
m merge
RA revert all
rs revert selected
rr list unresolved conflicts
ro resolve taking other
rl resolve taking local
f fetch
p pull
P push
tn new tag
bb list branches
bn new branch
bd delete branch
x custom action

Other Keybindings

Key Sequence Action
ctrl+j, ctrl+n, arrow down move down one line

Custom Actions

You can create simple custom actions to run in your repository folder by placing them in the file .verco/custom_actions.txt in your repository root.

Each line in this file is treated as a different custom action. Until the first whitespace, the characters are treated as the keybind for the action, the next word is the command to be executed itself, and the rest are its parameters.


gv git --version

With verco open, you can type in xgv (x is the custom action prefix) and it will print your git version without leaving verco. Use it to create build tasks for example.