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VAnguard-POrtfolio-REbalance VAPORE

Algorithm setup to determine proper spread of Vanguard ETF index funds and adjust with the downloaded vanguards transaction file. Current allocation:

Symbol Description Type % of type
VV US large cap stock Stock 22.222
VO US mid cap stock Stock 22.222
VB US small cap stock Stock 22.222
VTC US total corp bond Bond 33.333
BND US total bond Bond 33.333
VXUS Total international stock Stock 22.222
VWO Emerging markets stock Stock 11.111
BNDX Total international bond Bond 33.333

The value depends on overall asset allocation. As in, if the asset allocation is 90% stock and 10% bond, each percentage listed above is a fraction of that 90% or 10%. For US large cap stock, the math is 90% * 22.222%. The values above are stored within constants in the holdings source file and can be changed there. The default stock vs. bond distribution is 90 vs 10 for retirement accounts and 60 vs 40 for brokerage investment accounts. These can be changed through command line arguments.

The algorithm is setup to shift the riskiest assets to the roth account and the less risky assets to the traditional IRA account. This is done to allow for the most growth to happen within the account which does not get taxed.

VTC and BND is included in order to shift money away from government bonds and into AAA corporate bonds. There is also an equal distribution among cap sizes in order to not be over invested in large cap stocks.

How to run


  • Rust installed
  • Vanguard account with money in it


Install and compile from source

git clone https://github.com/Roco-scientist/VAnguard-POrtfolio-REbalance
cd VAnguard-POrtfolio-REbalance
cargo install --path .

Install and compile from crates.io
cargo install vapore

Download vanguard transactions

Download transaction file from within the vanguard account

  1. Login to vanguard
  2. Click on My accounts
  3. Click on Transaction history
  4. Click the download button on the right hand side
  5. For Step 1, select A spreadsheet-compatible CSV file
  6. Step 2, leave at 1 month
  7. Step 3, select all accounts
  8. Click Download located at the bottom right
  9. Move the downloaded CSV file to where you want to run this program


vapore --brokerage-acct <#> --roth-acct <#> --trad-acct <#> --retirement-year 2055 <vanguard_csv>

If money is being added to any of the accounts, add one of the following flags along with the amount:

  • --add-cash-brokerage <#>
  • --add-cash-traditional <#>
  • --add-cash-roth <#>

Where the latter two are for IRA additions.


The output will look similar to below:

Symbol   Purchase/Sell  Current         Target
VV       5.55           $1381.38        $2572.64
VO       4.76           $1379.50        $2572.64
VB       5.44           $1357.48        $2572.64
VTC      -47.38         $6875.00        $2572.64
BND      30.16          $0.00           $2572.64
VXUS     -10.98         $3256.82        $2572.64
VWO      -7.44          $1650.02        $1286.32
BNDX     -14.29         $3389.67        $2572.64
Cash                    $49.08          $0.00
Total                   $19294.79

Where the second column contains the number of ETF stocks to purchase (positive) or sell (negative).


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