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full width aesthetics

11 unstable releases (3 breaking)

Uses old Rust 2015

0.4.0 Jul 3, 2020
0.3.1 Jul 3, 2020
0.2.3 Oct 26, 2019
0.2.2 Sep 14, 2018
0.0.2 Jan 7, 2018

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full width aesthetics

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vape is a command-line tool that converts text into "vaporwave" text - fullwidth UTF-8 characters.

More technically, characters in the range U+0021 to U+007E are translated forward by 0xFEE0, and the space character U+0020 is converted to the ideographic (fullwidth) space U+3000.


$ printf 'the longer you live, the more ad revenue you generate\n' | vape
the longer you live, the more ad revenue you generate

You can also append up to 255 random fullwidth katakana:

$ printf 'cool, and nice\n' | vape -k 5
cool, and nice リマヾソル


cargo install vape

Alternatively, direct binary downloads for a variety of platforms can be found on the releases page.