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zero-knowledge-proof VC and TnT DID handling for vade

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Vade Evan

Apache-2 licensed


This crate allows you to use to work with DIDs and zero knowledge proof VCs on Trust and Trace. It offers a command line interface and a wasm package to work with a pre-configured Vade instance for Trust and Trace.

Compiling vade-evan

"Regular" build

No surprise here:

cargo build --release

Default Features

By default features cli, did, didcomm, portable, and vc-zkp are used. So everything included and available for usage in command line interface.

Features can be omitted. So for example vc-zkp or did could be skipped.

Instead of using vade-evan-bbs and vade-evan-cl, features can be adjusted to use simple JWT signing for the creation and verification of VC.

cargo build --release --no-default-features --features cli,did-sidetree,did-read,portable,vc-jwt

DID Features

By default the feature did enables did related operations => did-resolve, did-create, did-update using vade-evan-substrate and did-resolve using vade-universal-resolver plugins.

We also support did operations for sidetree based implementation which can be enabled if you are using non-default features, to enable it add the feature did-sidetree to the features set.

cargo build --release --no-default-features --features cli,did-sidetree,did-read,did-write,didcomm,portable,vc-zkp

In a similar manner if you want to use either vade-evan-substrate or vade-universal-resolver, you have to add them to features set.

cargo build --release --no-default-features --features cli,did-substrate,did-read,did-write,didcomm,portable,vc-zkp
cargo build --release --no-default-features --features cli,did-universal-resolver,did-read,didcomm,portable,vc-zkp

Features can be adjusted for specific needs, if you want to restrict read (did-resolve) or write (did-create and did-update) operations for DIDs.

cargo build --release --no-default-features --features cli,did-sidetree,did-write,didcomm,portable,vc-zkp
cargo build --release --no-default-features --features cli,did-sidetree,did-read,didcomm,portable,vc-zkp

C builds with sdk feature

Features can be adjusted to support integration with IN3 SDK by enabling sdk feature (sdk feature can only be used with c-lib feature), by enabling this feature HTTP request/response are managed via IN3 SDK.

cargo build --release --no-default-features --features did-sidetree,did-write,didcomm,portable,vc-zkp,c-lib,sdk 

Command Line Interface

If you are using non-default features, enable the cli just add the feature cli to the feature set:

cargo build --release --features cli

You can now use the vade-evan cli. Get started by having a look at the help shown after calling it with:



WASM pack

To compile vade-evan for wasm, use wasm pack.

You can specify to use only did feature or to use did and vc-zkp. The following examples will use both features.

Also you have to specify whether to build a browser or a nodejs environment.


wasm-pack build --release --target nodejs -- --no-default-features --features did,didcomm,vc-zkp,wasm


wasm-pack build --release --target web -- --no-default-features --features did,didcomm,vc-zkp,wasm

Wrapper for WASM pack

A project that wraps calls against the WASM file has been added and placed at builds/wasm.

To build it, you need to have checked out next to your vade-evan project:

  • vade-evan-cl
  • vade-evan-bbs
  • vade-didcomm
  • vade-evan-substrate

Then it can be build by navigating to builds/wasm and calling

yarn && yarn build

If you want to try it out, navigate to builds/wasm/example and run

yarn && node index.js

This example will generate a new DID, assign a document to it and update it afterwards.

Features for building

feature default contents
cli x enables command line interface
c-lib exposes C interface for C applications to use vade
did x enables DID functionalities
did-read x enables did_resolve method for DID related operations
did-write x enables did_create and did_update methods for DID related operations
did-substrate x enables DID functionalities (did_resolve, did_create, did_update ) using vade-evan-substrate plugin
did-universal-resolver x enables did_resolve method using vade-universal-resolver plugin
did-sidetree enables DID functionalities for Sidetree based implementation using vade-sidetree plugin
didcomm x enables DIDComm message handling
sdk enables sdk integration via managing http requests/response via IN3 SDK
java-lib exposes Java interface for Java applications to use vade
vc-zkp x enables VC functionalities using vc-zkp-bbs, vc-zkp-cl, vc-jwt features by default
vc-zkp-bbs x enables VC functionalities using vade-evan-bbs plugin
vc-zkp-cl x enables VC functionalities using vade-evan-cl plugin
vc-jwt x currently supports vc_zkp_issue_credential and vc_zkp_verify_proof with JWT signatures
portable x build with optimizations to run natively, not compatible with wasm feature
wasm build with optimizations to run as web assembly, not compatible with portable


At the moment all vade related dependencies (vade itself and its plugins) are supposed to be pulled from the latest commit of the develop branch. As the dependency handling stores the hash of this commit in the lock file, updates on develop branch are not used by default.

If those updates should be pulled, the entry in the Cargo.lock file has to be deleted and cargo build has to be run again to update these hashes. If wanting to update specific dependencies, those can be deleted from the Cargo.lock by hand. If wanting to update all of the vade related dependencies, a script (scripts/remove-vade-dependencies-from-lockfile.sh) can be used. Note that this script relies on dasel so this must be installed locally, e.g. with homebrew.


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