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Pretty Unicode code point literals: U+12345 instead of '\u{12345}'

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U+: pretty Unicode code point literals

I was reading https://uncyclopedia.com/wiki/Rust_(programming_language) for some reason, and read let U = 0; U = U + 1;.

Suddenly my mind was awhirl with a Concept. I implemented it at once.

The problem

Unicode expresses its code points in syntax like U+1234 (full range U+0000–U+10FFFF).

But then when you want to transfer it to a programming language, you have to learn another syntax. Will it be \u1234, \u{1234}, \x1E\x88\xB4, \341\210\264, something else?

And then astral plane characters make it even worse: \U0001F631, \u{1F631}, \xF0\x9F\x98\xB1, \uD83D\uDE31 (with all the associated pain the abomination UTF-16 entails, especially that your char type may simply not be able to represent this), something else?

And so here is this crate that lets you use the True Unicode Syntax:

use u_plus::U;

assert_eq!(U+1234, '\u{1234}');

So forget about \u{} syntax!

(Caution: there are some limitations with this approach, see KNOWN_ISSUES.md for details.)

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