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Convert Rust types to Typescript types. This crate is meant as a teaching tool and not for production.

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This crate is designed as a teaching tool for writing a Rust to Typescript type conversion utility.

It supports very basic types like primitives, structs and enums. It is not meant for production usage.

It will output a warning message for unsupported types and simply ignore them.

How to Use

cargo install typester
typester --input=path/to/rustfile.rs --output=path/to/tsfile.ts

For more information use:

typester --help

Sample Input

type NumberAlias = i32;

#[serde(tag = "t", content = "c")]
enum Colour {

struct Person {
    name: String,
    age: u32,
    enjoys_coffee: bool,

struct ComplexType {
    colour_map: HashMap<String, Colour>,
    list_of_names: Vec<String>,
    optional_person: Option<Person>,

Sample Output

type HashSet<T extends number | string> = Record<T, undefined>;
type HashMap<T extends number | string, U> = Record<T, U>;
type Vec<T> = Array<T>;
type Option<T> = T | undefined;
type Result<T, U> = T | U;

export type NumberAlias = number;

export type Colour =
  | { t: "Red"; c: number }
  | { t: "Green"; c: number }
  | { t: "Blue"; c: number };

  export interface Person {
  name: string;
  age: number;
  enjoys_coffee: boolean;

export interface ComplexType {
  colour_map: HashMap<string, Colour>;
  list_of_names: Vec<string>;
  optional_person: Option<Person>;


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