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Generates unique values of opaque types.



Generates unique values of opaque types.


with(|initial/*: Initial<'_> */| {
    let (a, b) = split(initial);
    let (b, c) = split(b);
    // `a`, `b`, and `c` are each of a distinct `impl '_ + Unique` type.

impl [Unique] values are guaranteed to be unique. They cannot be copied or cloned and are suitable for use as brand types.

The toast-cell crate utilizes this property.

Minimum supported Rust version

The MSRV is currently 1.56.

This may change between minor releases.


I release this crate into the public domain using the Unlicense.

Similar crates

generativity provides a macro to generate unique invariant lifetimes. It does not require dependent code to reside within a closure.

No runtime deps