Cargo Features

twitchchat has no features set by default.

twitchchat = { version = "0.14.8", features = ["async", "testing", "serde", "async-io", "smol", "async-tls", "async-std", "tokio", "tokio-util", "tokio-rustls", "webpki-roots", "tokio-native-tls", "native-tls", "tokio-openssl", "openssl"] }
async testing? = async-channel, async-dup, fastrand, futures-lite, futures-timer, log, pin-project-lite
testing = async, async-mutex

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

log async?

Enables log

logging support

futures-lite async?

Enables futures-lite ^1.8

just the futures traits

pin-project-lite async?

Enables pin-project-lite ^0.1

field pin projection

async-dup async?

Enables async-dup

cloneable async writes

async-channel async?

Enables async-channel ^1.4

message passing

futures-timer async?

Enables futures-timer

for timing out futures

fastrand async?

Enables fastrand ^1.3

for 'fairness' in the main loop

serde implicit feature

Enables serde

for optional serialization and deserialization

async-io implicit feature

Enables async-io ^1.1

optional runtimes (for TcpStream)
these use the futures AsyncWrite+AsyncRead

Affects connector::async_io

smol implicit feature

Enables smol ^1.2


A small and fast async runtime

Affects connector::smol

async-tls implicit feature

Enables async-tls ^0.10


Asynchronous TLS/SSL streams using Rustls

async-std implicit feature

Enables async-std

TODO look into what their features do. the ones they have enabled by default seem important

Affects connector::async_std

tokio implicit feature

Enables tokio ^0.2

tokio has its own AsyncWrite+AsyncRead

Affects connector::tokio

tokio-util implicit feature

Enables tokio-util ^0.3


Additional utilities for working with Tokio

Affects connector::tokio

tokio-rustls implicit feature

Enables tokio-rustls ^0.14


webpki-roots implicit feature

Enables webpki-roots ^0.20


Mozilla's CA root certificates for use with webpki

tokio-native-tls implicit feature

Enables tokio-native-tls ^0.1


native-tls implicit feature

Enables native-tls


A wrapper over a platform's native TLS implementation

tokio-openssl implicit feature

Enables tokio-openssl ^0.4


openssl implicit feature

Enables openssl


OpenSSL bindings

async-mutex testing?

Enables async-mutex

for some test utilities