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Create validated message embeds for the Twilight ecosystem

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0.2.0-beta.0 Oct 10, 2020
0.1.1 Oct 10, 2020
0.1.0 Sep 13, 2020
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twilight-embed-builder is a set of builder for the twilight-rs ecosystem to create a message embed, useful when creating or updating messages.


Build a simple embed:

use twilight_embed_builder::{EmbedBuilder, EmbedFieldBuilder};

let embed = EmbedBuilder::new()
    .description("Here's a list of reasons why Twilight is the best pony:")?
    .field(EmbedFieldBuilder::new("Wings", "She has wings.")?.inline())
    .field(EmbedFieldBuilder::new("Horn", "She can do magic, and she's really good at it.")?.inline())

Build an embed with an image:

use twilight_embed_builder::{EmbedBuilder, ImageSource};

let embed = EmbedBuilder::new()
    .description("Here's a cool image of Twilight Sparkle")?


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