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0.1.7 Nov 20, 2021
0.1.6 Nov 17, 2021
0.1.5 Oct 5, 2021
0.1.4 Sep 11, 2021

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This is a simple code that you can use in any command line.

to start, just type in command line: "cargo install --path tuop-ls"

then you can cd to your project directory and type in command promt "tuop-ls" and see what is the Top 5 of your biggest files on the project.

you can also set your number of files that you want to check by typing: "tuop-ls -n {the numbers of files that you want to check}" like typing "tuop-ls -n 10"

in the version "0.1.4" you can also go to the "tuop-ls" GitHub Page, download the files and cd to the tuop-ls directory and type in command line "cargo install --path ." this is better way to install tuop-ls. whats new in version "0.1.4"? added unlimited number of files that you want to check!

whats new in 0.1.5?

  • better error detect & new author

what's new in 0.1.6?

  • bug fixes + nice new alpha features(can't be showen/usable yet, they will convert your files to any usable extension by an simple command).

what's new in 0.1.7?

  • little changes in the extension detector
    • the extension converter still not ready(coming soon... for example, convert .docx to .pdf, we still trying to make the MOST choises for converting extensions, now it's nice little simple file checker).


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