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TPM2 Software Stack Rust Wrapper

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This is the high-level, Rust idiomatic wrapper crate that exposes an interface to TSS.

This crate depends on the tss-esapi-sys crate for its FFI interface. By default, pre-generated bindings are used. If you'd like the bindings to be generated at build time, please enable either the generate-bindings feature - the FFI bindings will then be generated at build time using the headers identified on the system.

Our end-goal is to achieve a fully Rust-native interface that offers strong safety and security guarantees. Check out our documentation for an overview of our code safety approach.

Cargo Features

The crate currently offers the following features:

  • generate_bindings - forces the underlying tss-esapi-sys crate to regenerate the FFI bindings on each build, using the TSS libraries available on the build machine.
  • abstraction (enabled by default) - provides a set of abstracted primitives on top of the basic Rust-native ESAPI API provided by the crate. This feature can be turned off to reduce the number of dependencies built.

Cross compiling

For more information on cross-compiling the tss-esapi crate, please see the README of the tss-esapi-sys crate.

Copyright 2021 Contributors to the Parsec project.


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