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app ts-gettext-extractor

Extracts gettext strings from Javascript/TypeScript files

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TS Gettext Extractor

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A command line utility to generate Gettext template files (.pot) from Javascript/Typescript code.

Uses SWC to parse JS files.


See help for more details

$ ts-gettext-extractor --help
Generate Gettext template files from Javascript/Typescript code

Usage: ts-gettext-extractor [OPTIONS] --output-folder <OUTPUT_FOLDER>

      --exclude [<EXCLUDE>...]
          A list of patterns to exclude [default: /.git/ /node_modules/ /__tests__/ .test. /__mocks__/ .mock. .story. .cy.]
      --path <PATH>
          The path to the file to read. Defaults to current folder
      --output-folder <OUTPUT_FOLDER>
          The folder where pot files will be written. Each domain will have its own file
      --references-relative-to <REFERENCES_RELATIVE_TO>
          Which folder the references are relative to. Defaults to the output folder
      --default-domain <DEFAULT_DOMAIN>
          The default domain to use for strings that don't have a domain specified [default: default]
  -h, --help
          Print help

Supported functions

  • gettext or __ — e.g. __('String')
  • ngettext or __n — e.g. __n('1 item', '%n items', count)
  • pgettext or __p — e.g. __p('context', 'String')
  • npgettext or __np — e.g. __np('context', '1 item', '%n items', count)
  • dgettext or __d — e.g. __d('domain', 'String')
  • dngettext or __dn — e.g. __dn('domain', '1 item', '%n items', count)
  • dpgettext or __dp — e.g. __dp('domain', 'context', 'String')
  • dnpgettext or __dnp — e.g. __dnp('domain', 'context', '1 item', '%n items', count)

One tagged template literal is supported, which is __ with no variables. E.g. __`My string`


This library produces a few metadata in the POT files as below.


References to the code is produced in accordance with the po file spec. Each reference mentioned the source file name and line number. References are relative to the --references-relative-to argument (or --output-folder).


Comments before or after a gettext function call are also extracted. This only applies to comments directly before the function call, not comments on the previous line.

For example, this WILL be extracted:

const myText = /* ✅ A comment that will be extracted */ __('My text');

This WILL NOT be extracted:

/* ❌ A comment that won't be extracted */
const myText = __('My text');


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