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A CLI tool for managing TOTP accounts. All accounts are stored in a local file that's encrypted with the provided password. If you don't provide the -p argument it will expect the password on stdin.

Running trotp without any arguments will run the TUI interface.

Lint and Test


cargo install trotp


trotp --help
trotp 1.0.5
Krakaw <41575888+Krakaw@users.noreply.github.com>
TUI TOTP generator


    -a, --auto-lock-key                Automatically set the table lock key
    -h, --help                         Print help information
    -p, --password <PASSWORD>          The encryption password
    -s, --sqlite-path <SQLITE_PATH>    The sqlite filename [default: .totp.sqlite3]
    -V, --version                      Print version information

    add            Add a new account
    check          Check an OTP
    delete         Delete an account
    dump           Dump the config file
    edit           Edit an existing account
    help           Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    interactive    Run in interactive mode [default]
    secret         Extract the TOTP Secret from a record
    serve          Start an HTTP Server

Add accounts

trotp -p password add -a AccountName -s SecretToken -u Username -p Password123 -n Note

Delete an account

trotp -p password delete -a AccountName

Edit an account

trotp -p password edit -i 1 -a NewAccountName -s NewTOTPSecret -p NewPassword -n NewNote -u NewUserName

Check an OTP against a secret for a specific time within a range

trotp -p password check -t TokenSecretKey -o 123456 -s 2022-06-03T08:35:00+02:00 -r 10  

Start an HTTP REST server that will return an OTP from your accounts if a name is provided or generate one for a provided secret

trotp -p password serve

# Example using a secret for a once off TOTP
curl localhost:8080/JBSWY3DPEHPK3PXP

curl localhost:8080/acc
{"account_name":"Account 1","code":"783196","expiry":30}

Key Bindings

User Interface

Global Key Bindings

Key Binding Action
/ Switch to insert mode
Esc Switch to normal mode
Tab Toggle password mode
Down Select next account
Up Select previous account
Enter Copy OTP or Detail to clipboard
Ctrl-c Exit


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