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This crate provides an LLVM TableGen grammar for the tree-sitter parsing library. To use this crate, add it to the [dependencies] section of your Cargo.toml file. (Note that you will probably also need to depend on the tree-sitter crate to use the parsed result in any useful way.)

tree-sitter = "~0.20.3"
tree-sitter-tablegen = "0.0.1"

Typically, you will use the language function to add this grammar to a tree-sitter Parser, and then use the parser to parse some code:

let code = r#"
multiclass ABSTRACT_SIMD_I<dag oops_r, dag iops_r, dag oops_s, dag iops_s,
                           list<dag> pattern_r, string asmstr_r,
                           string asmstr_s, bits<32> simdop,
                           Predicate simd_level> {
  defm "" : I<oops_r, iops_r, oops_s, iops_s, pattern_r, asmstr_r, asmstr_s,
              !if(!ge(simdop, 0x100),
                  !or(0xfd0000, !and(0xffff, simdop)),
                  !or(0xfd00, !and(0xff, simdop)))>,
let mut parser = Parser::new();
parser.set_language(tree_sitter_tablegen::language()).expect("Error loading TableGen grammar");
let parsed = parser.parse(code, None);

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the tree-sitter discussions page.


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