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A safe ergonomic wrapper for the Transmission BitTorrent library

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0.3.1 Mar 26, 2019
0.3.0 Mar 18, 2019
0.2.1 Mar 1, 2019
0.2.0 Feb 26, 2019
0.1.2 Feb 26, 2019

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Ergonomic Rust bindings for the Transmission BitTorrent client based on transmission-sys.

Created and maintained by the Tornado Project

Not intended to be used as a remote for the Transmission daemon, but is a wrapper around libtransmission. Though remote support may be added in the future.


This library is based on transmission-sys which has several external dependencies listed below. Once those are installed you can build the library with the standard

cargo build


  • gcc (or Clang)
  • cmake
  • libclang-devel
  • libopenssl-devel
  • libcurl-devel
  • libevent-devel


~470K SLoC