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A Twitter bot that tweets translated arXiv paper summaries

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Welcome to trans-arxiv-bot 👋

Version License: MIT Twitter: moisutsu

A Twitter bot that tweets translated arXiv paper summaries.

It's actually working on this Twitter account.


cargo install trans-arxiv-bot


When activated, it will automatically fetch papers at regular intervals. And when the latest paper is posted, it will translate the summary and tweet it. To avoid continuous tweets, tweets will be sent at regular intervals.


Several options can be specified in the command line arguments, as follows.

  • Category --category [default: cs.CL]
  • Source language for translation --source-lang [default: en]
  • Target language for translation --target-lang [default: ja]
  • How many minutes to update and tweet --update-frequency [default: 15]

You can also check this from trans-arxiv-bot --help.

You will also need to set some values in the environment variables.

Alternatively, you can use Docker to run it. See docker-compose.yml and .env.sample for details.


👤 moisutsu

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This project is MIT licensed.

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