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A fork of tracing-logfmt with added support for opentelemetry span data

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0.2.0 Jan 15, 2024
0.1.0 Oct 31, 2023

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🪵️ tracing-logfmt-otel

Logfmt formatter for tracing-subscriber with opentelemetry support

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Opentelemetry support

This crate is a fork of EmbarkStudios/tracing-logfmt that adds the opentelemetry trace and span id to the log output.


Logfmt is a compact and simple log format for structured logging. Each log row contains one level of key/value pairs. To keep it as compact and readable as possible, values are only quoted if needed.

key=value otherkey="value with spaces" third="with escaped \"chars\""

There is no strict standard for the format, but it was first documented in this article by Brandur Leach.


This contribution is dual licensed under EITHER OF

at your option.

For clarity, "your" refers to Embark or any other licensee/user of the contribution.


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