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Simple forwarding tracing subscriber for a FFI host profiler

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⏱️ tracing-ext-ffi-subscriber

Subscriber for passing spans from a rust library to a profiling tool in a host application via FFI.

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A simple crate for passing spans generated by the tracing ecosystem to a C or C++ profiling system when Rust is integrated into an existing framework. To help with integration into other tools you can use the environment variable TRACING_FFI_RELATIVE_OUT_DIR to configure where the include file ends relative to the build output (OUT_DIR). For example, TRACING_FFI_RELATIVE_OUT_DIR = "../../../../../include" will normally lead to the files being generated in an include dir next to your Cargo.toml.

Example usage

#include <Profiling.h>
#include <tracing_ffi.h>
#include <myrustlib.h>

int main(int argc, const char* argv[]) {
    tracing_ffi_ReturnCode result = tracing_ffi_install_global_with_enable(

    if (result != tracing_ffi_ReturnCode_Success) {
        return (int)result;

    myrustlib_execute(10, 20);


You can of course also configure this from Rust code; and bypass the C-api. In that case, use subscriber::ExternFFISpanSubscriber directly, and install with your preferred tracing method.


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