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Uses old Rust 2015

0.0.1 Jul 13, 2018

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Yet another TOML parser. Preserves whitespace for real this time!

Work in progress, take a look at Molten or toml-edit for something relatively more ready.

The best documentation at the moment is ./examples/api-walkthrough.rs.


Contributions are very much welcome! Keep in mind that the code is very much in experimental state, and so good contributing guides are missing, CI is non-existent, formatting is artisan, etc. Feel free to ask questions by creating issues/PRs, or by pinging @matklad at the Rust discord.

Currently, beta version of Rust is required to build the code.

The project is a fairly-standard Rust crate, so cargo test is the main command. Note, however, that we use code-generation heavily. See ./.cargo/config file for available codegen tasks, and the ./tasks subcrate for their definitions.


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