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Raw bindings to the tinydtls C library.


These features affect the way that the binding is built:

  • vendored (default): Build and use a vendored version of tinydtls instead of linking to an existing one.
  • static (default): Use static linking instead of dynamic linking

These features affect the functionality of the library (only apply if vendored is enabled, we can't control features of binaries that are already built):

  • ecc (default): Enable ECC functionality
  • psk (default): Enable PSK functionality


Matching the license of the tinydtls C library, this library is made available both under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 and 3-Clause BSD License (which the Eclipse Distribution License v1.0 that is used for tinydtls is based on).

Additionally, the tinydtls C library contains third party code that might be included in compiled binaries that link to tinydtls. For information on third-party code and its licenses, see https://github.com/eclipse/tinydtls/blob/develop/ABOUT.md.

See https://github.com/eclipse/tinydtls/blob/develop/LICENSE for more information on the tinydtls licensing terms and https://www.eclipse.org/legal/eplfaq.php for more information on the EPL 1.0.

Note: This binding is neither supported nor endorsed by the Eclipse Foundation.


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