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terminal based timer


currently in very early stages. it will be some time before it is useful.

0.1.* versions are considered alpha so they will be experimental and there will be breaking changes. just doing this so it is easier for me to experiment and cargo install for using/real life testing

(proposed) usage

single timebox:

$ time_me 20

this will run a single timer of 20 minutes. (no arguments defaults to 15 minutes)

pomodoro style:

$ time_me -p

this will run a 4 'focus' timeboxes of 25 minutes.in between there will be 5 minute breaks. the last break of a session will be 15 minutes.

25... 5... 25... 5... 25... 5... 25... 15...

timebox with output to file:

$ time_me 10 email -o timebox_info.txt

this will run a timebox of 10 minutes with the label 'email'. the timebox will be appended to the output file (-o is optional if output is defined in config, with a potential default location)

features wanted

  • single timebox and pomodoro style timeboxes
  • can output timebox info to text file
  • single configuration file (in ~/.config)
  • desktop notifications with actions (extend timebox, rerun, etc)
  • output time info to terminal while running (including updating title)
  • run in background mode
  • ability to get info about current timebox while running (for use in status bar)


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