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Standard Format

The standard save format of the library is a row of 16 tiles, if there is a variant, placed directly below the corresponding position.

Ideally you should provide sprites with transparency channels.

Supported Format

For tiles in non-standard cases, conversion functions are provided.

RPG Maker XP tiles

RPG Maker MV tiles

Tiny tiles

Wang tiles

Packed Format

Questions and Answers

Q: Is the save format too wasteful?

Yes, this resource format will have a lot of useless transparent pixels.

But this is just a lossless resource format for editor, it will compile into a compact format in game.

And thanks to the png compression algorithm, it doesn't take up too much extra disk space

Q: How about import 3-tiles or 4-tiles?

The library does not (and will not) support this, you must You have to manually decompose into 2-tiles.

Q: NavMeshes, Layers?

This library is only for resource management, please use TileMap for related functions.


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