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High-level cryptographic services for storage and messaging

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0.14.0 Dec 23, 2021
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0.12.0 Sep 26, 2019
0.11.1 Apr 3, 2019
0.0.2-2 Dec 7, 2018

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Rust wrapper for Themis crypto library.

Themis is an open-source high-level cryptographic services library that provides secure data exchange, authentication, and storage protection. Themis provides ready-made building components, which simplifies the usage of core cryptographic security operations.

Getting started

RustThemis requires native Themis library to be installed. Please refer to the installation instructions.

See also:

You can start experimenting with Examples or take a look at Tests to get a feeling of how Themis can be used.


The code is distributed under Apache 2.0 license.